• Sam Penman
    Sam Penman
    Owner / Partner
  • Ashley Hsaw
    Ashley Hsaw
    Center Director
  • Eunice Kim
    Eunice Kim
    Assistant Director
  • Joana Cruz
    Joana Cruz
  • Claudia Berry (La La)
    Claudia Berry (La La)
    Infant Team Leader
  • My Phan
    My Phan
    Infant Teacher
  • Isaac Sul
    Isaac Sul
    Infant Teacher
  • Lauren Fong
    Lauren Fong
    Teacher's Aide
  • Gina Lopes
    Gina Lopes
    Toddler Team Leader
  • Nicole Botelho
    Nicole Botelho
    Toddler Teacher
  • Lilly Quinones
    Lilly Quinones
    Toddler Teacher
  • Perla Yarely Vazquez Casas
    Perla Yarely Vazquez Casas
    Toddler Assistant Teacher
  • Connie Cheung
    Connie Cheung
    Toddler Teacher's Aide
  • Margreta “Greta” Loomis
    Margreta “Greta” Loomis
    Junior Preschool Team Leader
  • Maria Da Silva
    Maria Da Silva
    Junior Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Anna Ottavis
    Anna Ottavis
    Preschool Team Leader
  • Brenda Johnson
    Brenda Johnson
    Preschool Teacher's Aide
  • Tiffani Negron
    Tiffani Negron
    Preschool Teacher's Aide
  • Sulakshana Shravage
    Sulakshana Shravage
    Pre-K Team Leader
  • Natasha Newby
    Natasha Newby
    Pre-K Teacher's Aide
  • Pavithra Mukundan
    Pavithra Mukundan
    Substitute Teacher
  • Indira Pasic
    Indira Pasic
    Substitute Teacher

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