Reggio Emilia and Montessori We Compare and Contrast the Essentials

Sam Penman Curriculum

Reggio Emilia or Montessori? At ScuttleBugs Child Development Center we have a Reggio Emilia inspired program. But, we make a point of thoroughly understanding the other ECE approaches and best practices. In this instance we’re looking at Montessori and seeing what elements we might want to meld into our culture and philosophy.

Sleeping baby

Sleep, Wonderful Sleepzzzzzzzzzz When You Can Get It!

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Factors such as family and home life circumstance, culture/religion, and shift work to name a few, can and do influence sleeping arrangements. I don’t believe there is a right answer for where, how, and when your baby sleeps – no perfect method for EVERY young child.

September Open House

Read a Book Open House

Yulia Onosovskaya Open House

Come join us with your kids and relax at our September “Read a Book” Open house! Your children can also have fun in our playground and meet other kids. Let us show your family around ScuttleBugs.

Saying Goodbye Can Be Hard

Ms. Claudia (a.k.a. La La) & Ms. Sam Teachers

As Shakespeare wrote, “Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow” – for any of us regardless of age.
Separation anxiety can start early on, depending on innate personality traits/temperaments, familial circumstances, exposure to different environments, and the levels or amounts of time of interaction with people (outside of their known inner circle to date).

child care teacher with kids

Stories from the front line

Ms. Lauren, Substitute teacher Teachers

ScuttleBugs has an amazing team of directors who are willing to listen to you and understand where you are coming from regardless of if you are a substitute teacher. I had encountered a challenging work situation. When I had decided to discuss it with one of the directors, she made me feel comfortable with talking to her about my problem and we were able to come up with a cooperative solution.

A boy drinking juice

We Can’t Pretend Fruit Juice Is Healthy for Babies Anymore

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We wouldn’t think twice about the decision to not give a baby a can of Coke. But a glass of juice can actually have more sugar. The reality is, fruit juice is liquid candy, and we can no longer live in the denial that juice is healthy. The American Academy of Pediatricians has finally made a stand by coming out and saying that although juice consumption has some benefits, it also has potential detrimental effects.

Ms. Joana the cook

Cooking for ScuttleBugs: insider’s view

Ms. Joana Cruz Teachers

This blog is a very personal perspective of everyday life at ScuttleBugs by Ms. Joana, the cook! Since we opened our doors 6 years ago, she has been sharing her love through the delicious, nutritious meals she prepares for the children here at ScuttleBugs on a daily basis.

Ice Cream Social & Open House on August 19th

Ice Cream Social & Open House

Yulia Onosovskaya Open House

Come with your kids and relax and cool off for a while at our Ice Cream Social & Open house. Mmmmm! Sugar-free Snow Cones! Your children can also have fun in our playground.

four kids playing with water

Water Play

Perla Yarley, Toddler Assistant Teacher Teachers

Who doesn’t enjoy a hot sunny day at the beach, lake or river? Unfortunately, because of our busy lives, we don’t always have the opportunity to take our little ones to refresh themselves. But don’t worry, because here at ScuttleBugs we know the importance of water in our lives – and expose and teach the children accordingly.