How to tell if your child is too sick to go to childcare?

geoff Bag O' Tricks

As parents we teach the benefits of sharing, and while the concept is often lost on them when it comes to the latest Lego set, iPad or the tastiest treats from the Halloween haul, they ALWAYS seem extremely capable and often eager to share whatever bug they’ve picked-up. And not just picked-up … they’re like magnets.

Winter Sports Open House

Yulia Onosovskaya Open House

New Year. New Friends! Come join us with your kids at our Winter Sports Open House on Saturday, January 13th from 10 am to 12 pm! Have fun in our playground, gym, classrooms and meet other kids. And have a free winter-sport photo-shoot of your children!

ScuttleBugs 529 College Education Funding plan – A US first?

Allan Morrison Uncategorized

ScuttleBugs 529 is a scheme where, although college is still far in the future, we encourage our parents to open 529 College Savings Funds for their kids. Then, as their children progress through ScuttleBugs, we plan, each year, to put some of our own money into those funds thereby accelerating the funds growth.

Got Dirt?

Sam Penman Teachers

What is dirt exactly? Such a natural part of life, can be harmful – but also loads of fun. Why are we “anti”? Why is it feared so much? At worst, is it not a necessary evil?

529 College Savings Plan

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that college is expensive. So, if the grand plan includes seeing your little-one at university or college, the sooner you can start squirreling funds away for it, the better – Welcome the 529 Savings Plan.

Do Re Mi—Sing With Me!

Ashley Hsaw, Director Curriculum

It is so important to expose our children to music at a young age. Music Education in Early Childhood Development promotes brain development and plays a huge role in language acquisition and reading comprehension. It also benefits all other areas of development, including social and emotional skills, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, and overall literacy. Plus, it gives us pure joy, so why not?


The Magic world of Lullabies

Yulia Onosovskaya Uncategorized

For centuries parents of all cultures used lullabies as one of the important elements through which to build the world view of an infant, and the words were supposed to create in a child’s mind an idea of the world’s structure and his/her own place in it…

Relocating – We’re all in this together

Dee De La Mora, Toddlers Team Leader Teachers

Change is a natural part of life, especially modern life. As adults we can usually consider and handle or even welcome change. But can our young ones? They, on the other hand, generally look for stability.


Chronicles of a silly teacher

Perla Yarley Casas Teachers

Today I want to talk about a very unusual topic: how being silly with your kids can help with their personalities and development. Being silly helps them to develop the ability to bond.

Mo-vember Open House

Yulia Onosovskaya Open House

Come join us with your kids and relax at our MO-vember Open house! Your children can also have fun in our playground and meet other kids. Let us show your family around ScuttleBugs.