The Magic world of Lullabies

Yulia Onosovskaya Uncategorized

For centuries parents of all cultures used lullabies as one of the important elements through which to build the world view of an infant, and the words were supposed to create in a child’s mind an idea of the world’s structure and his/her own place in it…

Relocating – We’re all in this together

Dee De La Mora, Toddlers Team Leader Teachers

Change is a natural part of life, especially modern life. As adults we can usually consider and handle or even welcome change. But can our young ones? They, on the other hand, generally look for stability.


Chronicles of a silly teacher

Perla Yarley Casas Teachers

Today I want to talk about a very unusual topic: how being silly with your kids can help with their personalities and development. Being silly helps them to develop the ability to bond.

Mo-vember Open House

Yulia Onosovskaya Open House

Come join us with your kids and relax at our MO-vember Open house! Your children can also have fun in our playground and meet other kids. Let us show your family around ScuttleBugs.

The Creative Minds of Children

Bernadette Lim Teachers

There are so many ways that children can be creative and express themselves through art mediums.  Art is a prime example of how children relate and reflect the world around them and themselves.


Oh No! Not Another Survey

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Survey and Questionnaire overload … We are deluged these days with ever-more demands on our time to answer online or phone surveys. There are way too many. But if we have to decide which kind of survey to answer, and thoughtfully, we believe something that could help our children would be at the top of our list…

True Funny Story or the Billy-Tron

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“Hello Mr. & Mrs. Smith,
Billy had a very difficult time choosing a narrative-writing topic today. He wanted to write about a time he was in his underwear and I told him that was neither school-appropriate nor a meaningful moment…

Fire Drill Preschool

Fire Drill! Fire Drill!

Allan Morrison Curriculum

Tick…tick… There’s no warning. Once per month on random dates and times we do fire drills. Ms. Ashley and Ms. Eunice, Director and Assistant Director, are strict timekeepers and observers , taking notes as needed for later review.


Infant Random Actions? Mais non! Merci Monsieur Piaget!

Ashley Hsaw Teachers

Do infants really understand what’s going on around them? Can they actually form ideas and have a mind of their own? Most of us would say yes, and you are indeed, correct. While it is clear to us that infants can form thoughts in their minds, it was once believed that children without language skills lacked any kind of cognition and understanding. This included the ability to think and/or form ideas.

October Open House

Fall Festival

Yulia Onosovskaya Open House

We are excited to invite you to our annual Fall Festival! Your children can have fun in our playground and meet other kids and together enjoy the bounce house, face painting , balloon artist and trick-o-treating!