Safety is Our No. 1 Priority

At ScuttleBugs we understand that when you place your child into our care, you are entrusting us with the safety of your most precious treasure. We become your Mama Bear for your little cubs: cuddly, but alert and protective. We take this responsibility very seriously. Every component of ScuttleBugs from the security of the premises, the contact and interaction with and between children, to the preparedness of the center against unforeseen events all stem from this fundamental idea: your child’s safety is paramount.

We also understand that bumps and scrapes are part and parcel of exploring and growing up. No parent wants their child wrapped in bubble-wrap. What ScuttleBugs does (and does well), is to create a safe, supportive, nurturing, and healthy learning environment. Everything within our control is unobtrusively monitored and managed in the best way possible.

Facility Safety

  • We employ security card access to allow entry only to staff and authorized family members.
  • We have an additional layer of security from our foyer with another checkpoint where key-card access is required to enter areas where children are present.
  • Each classroom and the playground has an emergency exit with direct egress to pre-assigned safety checkpoints.
  • We have a monitored fire and burglar alarm system integrated throughout the center with fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in every area.
  • The facility is equipped with a “lockdown” mechanism and associated procedures
  • Our bio-metric drop-off / pickup system ensures accuracy and speed.
  • Video surveillance adds another layer of security.
  • Our HVAC system is centralized with no exposed heating elements or fans for little fingers to find.
  • All electrical outlets in the rooms are tamper resistant and covered with childproof caps.
  • It almost goes without saying, but naturally we are a weapon free school. We do not permit even toy replicas of weapons, aggressive or violent play, verbiage or body language.

Outdoor Playground Safety

  • We have safe, IPEMA certified, educationally designed play structures.
  • We created the whole playground with safe fall zones for those times when kids take a spill.
  • Our 8ft opaque fence provides a secure and private playground for the children.
  • Protection from the sun at an early age pays great dividends in later life. We’ve installed permanent shade-sails over a large area of the playground providing much needed sun protection. (And of course we lather our little ones in sunscreen before they go outside.) Read more about sun protection on our blog.

Health and Wellness

  • ScuttleBugs’ health care policies include daily and intra-day health inspections not only to monitor your child, but to assist in containing the spread of any bug that may find its way into the center.
  • We implement behavioral policies that address instances of unfavorable behavior that may jeopardize the health and safety of others.
  • We have strict policies covering storage and administering of medications so you can be assured your child is getting the treatment they need when they need it.


  • Our staff and janitorial service ensure our center is clean and tidy.
  • We sanitize all surfaces, toys and equipment frequently throughout each day with safe, non-toxic cleaning products.
  • We train staff in safe food service etiquette and practice, utilizing gloves for hygiene and wipes for those unfortunate messy cleanups. Food fights are discouraged until after the children have gone home 🙂
  • The children’s bathrooms are equipped with child size toilets and basins, which further benefit self-help skills and potty training – when the time is right.

Emergency Preparedness

  • Hope for the best but plan for the worst. We conduct monthly evacuation drills in every classroom for those unforeseeable and potentially hazardous events (natural or otherwise) we hope will never occur.
  • We post evacuation plans throughout the center
  • Every classroom has evacuation kits containing class attendance sheets, family contact details, medical supplies, flashlights and long shelf-life food and water


  • We ensure ScuttleBugs maintains higher staff-to-child ratios than the California Title 22 regulations.
    • For example: the minimum ratio is 1:4 in Infants and Toddlers, whereas we average 1:3.
    • In Junior Preschool we maintain a 1:8 ratio, not 1:12.
    • And in our Preschool and PreK classrooms we adhere to 1:10 (not 1:12).
  • We supervise the children at all times – no exceptions.
  • ScuttleBugs is fully licensed with regular inspections and audits by affiliated regulatory organizations.


  • Our staff is dedicated to the safety and nurturing of your child
  • Every staff member is experienced in childhood development, and has the necessary Early Childhood Education training to provide for your child.
  • Unlike other centers, we require every staff member of ScuttleBugs to complete and maintain their infant/child/adult First Aid, CPR and AED certification prior to employment,
  • ScuttleBugs undertakes rigorous background checks on all staff members in addition to health screening and TB test.

Food Preparation and Feeding

  • Our California-compliant food handlers prepare all food onsite. We adhere to the ServSafe standards.
  • We use a 3 step wash-sanitize-air dry process to clean all preparation and serving implements after use.
  • All food and beverage items are dated, rotated and stored accordingly.
  • We present our food to the children at the correct temperature, and in appropriate bite-size portions.
  • For children with special dietary requirements, we have a triple-check system. This includes independent checks in the kitchen and at food service and a visual check with differing food on colored plates or bowls.
  • Nursing mother? No problem. We have procedures for storing and providing your milk to your child as needed or instructed.

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