Ice Cream Social & Open House on August 19th

Ice Cream Social & Open House

Yulia Onosovskaya Open House

Come with your kids and relax and cool off for a while at our Ice Cream Social & Open house. Mmmmm! Sugar-free Snow Cones! Your children can also have fun in our playground.

four kids playing with water

Water Play

Perla Yarley, Toddler Assistant Teacher Teachers

Who doesn’t enjoy a hot sunny day at the beach, lake or river? Unfortunately, because of our busy lives, we don’t always have the opportunity to take our little ones to refresh themselves. But don’t worry, because here at ScuttleBugs we know the importance of water in our lives – and expose and teach the children accordingly.

Growing up bilingual

Growing up Bilingual: practice and theory

Yulia Onosovskaya Uncategorized

People from different countries, cultures and languages become parents together or move to a country with a language different from their own. So their children grow up learning two or three languages at the same time. Do they get confused and mix the languages? Is it good or bad to expose a very young brain to multiple languages?

Pre-K Graduation ceremony 2017

Pre-K Graduation 2017

Ms. Sumita N., Pre K Team Leader Teachers

We just had our graduation last week! Some of these children have been with us from infancy; it must be a huge milestone for these families to leave ScuttleBugs behind as they move forward onto the next steps of their lives. But these kids always leave a part of themselves with me and that remains in my heart forever.

Kids doing Physical Exercise

Physical Education and Exercise

Anna O., Preschool Team Leader Teachers

…I like to incorporate Physical Education in my curriculum in a FUN way. Every day the children enjoy different themed music and a movement period. In the past I have also added a counting exercise during circle time. This includes choosing a type of exercise (jumping, jumping jacks, hop on one foot, arm circles, etc.) and doing that exercise to the number of the day on the calendar.

Anniversary banner

ScuttleBugs 6th Anniversary & Open House

Yulia Onosovskaya Open House

We are 6!!! Join us to celebrate ScuttleBugs 6th Anniversary & Open House on Saturday, July 15th, 10am to 2pm! Your little ones can participate in many exciting activities as Bounce House, Face Painting and have their own Balloon designed by the Balloon Artist. Our guests will be offered light refreshments. Kindly RSVP if you would like to join us.

Pictures of kids

Picture Day

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We’re sure these photos will make an appearance at many a coming of age birthday party over the course of each child’s life. Congratulations to all of our little models, you did an amazing job and we can’t wait to see and share more pictures in the future.

ScuttleBugs ChildCare pets

The benefits of pets

Eunice Kim Teachers

Pets and Kids: a few benefits you maybe did not know. Caring for a pet teaches children responsibility, provides children with exposure to creatures beyond human beings, and has shown to benefit a child’s health and social and cognitive skills. This is why we have added 4 guinea pig friends to the ScuttleBugs family!

Pediatrician calm baby

How to Calm a Crying Baby in Seconds – “The Hold”

geoff Bag O' Tricks

Let’s face it, those with infants have all been there – the sleep deprived nights, the constant feeding, and the inexplicable crying.
Affectionately referred to as the “Darkness” by my wife, we struggle through it as best we can.

For those currently wading through this treacle of a time period (molasses for those non Aussies), I have a ninja move that just may help.
It’s called “The Hold”, and it’s been used by Dr. Robert Hamilton in his Santa Monica pediatric clinic PACIFIC OCEAN PEDIATRICS for over a quarter of a century.